Motivated by design and communication.

DESCRIBE STUDIO, born from a collective vision, leverages over 10 years of expertise in the publishing field and 15 years in graphic design and visual communication. With an extensive portfolio, we bring a wealth of creative solutions to the table.


Rodrigo Sepulveda

Project Manager

Graphic Designer and Visual Communicator, equipped with Technical Editor training. Since 2004, I have been immersed in the realm of marketing and advertising graphic design, expanding my focus to the editorial sector since 2007.

Jorge Sossa

Art Director

Graphic Designer and Visual Communicator. Since 1995, has been involved in the development of graphic, corporate, editorial, and advertising marketing projects. Currently, immersed in artistic creation through illustration, painting, and music.

Marcela Novoa

Design and Bookbinding

Graphic Designer and Bookbinder. Studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona and the Workshop of Antonio Palomino Olalla in Madrid. Currently runs an online store and workshop selling exclusive and personalized books.

Tomás Castellano

Graphic Design and Illustration

Graphic designer, illustrator, and media manager. Received training at the School of Art in San Telmo, Málaga. In 2005  founded Castell Design, a studio specialized in graphic design and visual communication.

Patricio Mallea

Graphic Design and Visual Media

Graphic Designer and Audiovisual Communicator. Since 2001, I have been creating renderings for architectural projects. Currently, I specialize in audiovisual projects, including the production of Book Trailers for editorial promotion.

María del Mar Domínguez

Editorial Manager and Copy Editor

Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from the University of Almería and a Technical Editor graduate from the Scuola di Editoria in Florence. Specializing in literary consulting services and manuscript and proofreading.

José Miguel Parra

Historian and Editorial Proofreader.

PhD in Ancient History from the Complutense University of Madrid. Member of the Djehuty project for archaeological excavations in Egypt. Editor, translator, and editorial proofreader.


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